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  • embroidered kraken pillow with pieced and quilted border

  • teal and purple silk dupioni and cotton velveteen jellyfish embroidered pillow

  • lilac and purple screen printed silk dupioni fish skeleton pillow

  • cotton/linen indigo and silk dupioni pillow with gold metallic tentacle embroidery

  • silk dupioni and cotton velveteen embroidered floral cat pillow

  • black and charcoal silk dupioni screen printed and quilted celtic raven pillows

  • metallic rose gold stencil screened pillow

  • silk dupioni crow and hare pillow

  • steampunk silk octopi pillows

  • metallic blue and purple mandala pillow with purple back

  • blue silk dupioni fish skeleton pillow

  • black silk dupioni rainbow heart pillow

  • silver metallic mandala pillow

  • silk taffeta and cotton velveteen blue screen printed octopus pillows

  • rose on lilac silk/rayon velvet/chiffon peony patterned contrast dyed scarf

  • red on black silk/rayon satin/chiffon wave patterned contrast dyed scarf