imperial firebird ensemble

A long running project which will eventually include a robe, kokoshnik, overbust corset, skirt, and….? WHO KNOWS?!?!I had a highly idiosyncratic cream and gold silk jacquard robe I made for a first year draping assignment and couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Slowly the look came together. First, the corset in red silk taffeta. Hand embroidery! Excruciatingly slow going – it’s mostly but not totally finished. Next, the kokoshnik. Same silk jacquard as the robe, and heavily beaded. Silk taffeta Dior roses add to the luxe look. I’ve been experimenting with pheasant feathers to complete the kokoshnik (it will, of course, have pearl and silk jacquard straps and trails). Really, this ensemble has been 80% done for several years. Hoping this is the year I complete it and get some photos!