black and white Edwardian promenade ensemble

A look that will make many think immediately of My Fair Lady, but which I intend as an homage to Camille Clifford and other tightlacing Edwardian beauties. First, the concept art. The idea has evolved since this and will eventually include a smocked black velvet leg o’mutton coat. I machine embroidered the floral motifs onto silk organza for the picture hat. The hat was large-scale but fairly straightforward to construct after several semesters of millinery classes. The main challenge was keeping it lightweight and making it stay on a head. Trimming this hat was so. much. fun.

Next, test driving the damask motifs on the corset and skirt mockups. This look seemed a bit “lee press-on glamour” so I edited and came up with these screen printing transparencies, to be screened onto silk slipper satin using a special ink that simulates a flocked/velvet effect. Skirt and corset pattern pieces printed and basted together. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten to date. Next up, beading, completing the corset and skirt, and tackling the smocked velvet jacket, which is really going to be a challenge!